This wiki is all be about TheDarkRat's Insurmountable Quiz series (obviously!)

Go forth and learn all tips, tricks, trivia and cheats. If you want to chat or ask any questions, check out the discussion board or contact the creator on here directly.

The Insurmountable Quiz (due to its lengthy name) is often abbreviated as "TISQ".

Also check out the Gold Edition of the first quiz, it's basically the same thing but a bit better!

And if you are still interested and want to get involved either here on the wiki or as part of the community suggestions submitted to the sequel quiz currently in production, get in touch here through the wiki on any thread or the creator's wall.

And please, you are invited to take part in the 'The Insurmountable Quiz II Public Beta when it is available, which will be the full release of the quiz before edited by community suggestions and comments. It's easy, you just play the game and comment everything you hate about it! Prepared for that? Good.

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The previous poll lasted for over 9 months, and that certain lady is taking too long to make the TISQ sequel. Until it's actually released should we consider this wiki dead?

The poll was created at 22:49 on December 31, 2016, and so far 27 people voted.

Facts & Fictions

  • There's only one 20-second bomb in the entire series for now.
  • Rip off a paper and you'll find a word.
  • I just had to close my shop...
  • Time machines! (Not really :P)
  • Question 71 is the last question to feature the sky theme in the background.
  • Question 59 is the last Monochrome-themed question to have the regular four options.
  • Use Adblock so Wikia doesn't get any money from hosting this bollocks!
  • One small step for man.

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