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The Insurmountable Quiz
Question 30

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Question 30
Q-030 InsurmountableQuiz
Difficulty Easy Easy
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? Yes (15 sec)
Reference None
Safe Question? No
Fusestopper location N/A
Skip location N/A

Question 30 from The Insurmountable Quiz presents you with a math operation that says "4+8+9-5+21+90-84+3 = ?". The possible answers are "96", "F*ck off", "Go to a website with furry pornography" and "Revised version: 90+21+9+8+4+3-84-5 = WHAT THE FFFFUUUUUUUUU-". There's also a 15-second bomb.

The result of the operation is 46, but there isn't a 46 anywhere on the screen. The keyboard won't work, and not even mousing on the 9 on the first option will turn it into a 4, so how are you going to answer this tricky math question?

Well, since most people think math is boring, the answer would then be "F*ck off", since they didn't get time for that.

What you should know about this question is that if you click the option "Go to a website with furry pornography", you'll get some curious results. First off, you'll be taken to a Wikipedia article called "Zoophilia and health". Second off, you'll get an INSTANT Game Over in your game, so whatever you do, do NOT click this option!